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Blues and lots of it

Dear Blues Family,

We hope that you are all enjoying your summer. The weather has been made it a puzzling season. However....the music has been coming at us fast and furious.

So far....our travels have included Wounded Warrior, the Pittsburgh Blues Fest that was peppered with extreme heat, laced with storms and downpours, a blues cruise in Cleveland, new venue destinations and various fests. Some say they never can find music. That... is what I find puzzling.

When heading out for a long day of music, I am always amazed at the tunes that comes my way.

One always grabs my attention and gives the event a little more meaning. Barreling down the blues highway towards the Pittsburgh Blues fest in a van loaded to the max with blues gear and no XM radio, I searched the radio until I found WDVE. Bob Segar's song, "Turn the Page" came roaring towards me, speaking to me. That melancholy voice, the powerful message and the exquisite musicianship....yes, attention getting early on a Sunday morning. It was the third day and yes, we were very tired. Yes, I felt that that song was meant for me, seeping into my very being.

"....down the long, lonely highway, "East of Pittsburgh" (yes, I do have a habit of changing the words)

you listen to the engine moaning out its one long note.....

your thoughts will soon be wondering....the way they often do...

Here I am....on the road again."

I heard that wonderful song. I smiled, let out a chuckle and was "back in the game". We crossed the miles and headed towards another long day at the fest. Long, yes, but one that promised a great day of music, the meeting of new friends, reuniting with old friends and sharing news. My battery has been recharged by that one song.....and I personally could not wait until I was back at Hartwood Acres readying for what would come our way.

I would like to thank all of our volunteers who turn out to do all the many things before, during and after a fest to make things work. They are the ones who deserve the kudos for giving their time and their energy for a job that is always done well. They work very hard to "keep the music alive and live."

The blues fans also deserve a big hurrah. They turn out, support events, bring their energy, their smiles and make it a "family affair." The fans bring a surreal feeling to an event that you cannot match or explain.

Turning that page...The BSWPA blues posse will be heading to Heritage Music Fest on August 9, 10 and 11. Pittsburgh was a fun "gig". It warmed us up for the trek to the three long days at Wheeling. If you are looking for a fest to attend, come out and find out why Heritage was named best Blues Fest several years ago and why people travel in from around the globe to attend. Those three long days seem so short at the end of a the Wheeling fest that is packed with blues from the beginning to the end.

The BSWPA will be hosting the End of Summer Blues Blast at James Street Gastropub in Pittsburgh. Here is the deal....two bands, two different floors, one venue, one night....visit both at your leisure and enjoy.

There is no cover but the venue has suggested that each person spend $15 per person on food and/or beverage. That will be a small price to pay for all of that blues. Come out and enjoy a fun evening with

two bands playing at the same time, at the same venue, in different rooms. (Reminds me of Kingston Mines in Chicago.)

See you down the long, lonely highway....but know that there will be blues fans, blues music and lots of fun at the end of the road. ...On the road again.....Turn the page.

Yours in Blues,

Jonnye Weber

President, Blues Society of Western PA

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