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Playing the music forward...

The Blues Society of Western PA’s ‘Bass Guitar Giveaway’ made possible by Bob Breide.

What: Essay Contest 2016

Where: Dilworth Traditional Academy

Who: 4th and 5th grades

Electric Bass Students

Write an essay using rich vocabulary, instrumental music vocabulary and the Principal’s STAR WORDS. Choose one of the topics below.

  1. Why do you want a bass guitar and how will you use it to benefit others?

  2. Why is music important to you and why is it important at Dilworth?

Suggested vocabulary: rhythm, steady beat, improvisation, tempo, form, benevolent, respectful, considerate, prepared, responsible, jazz, splendid, fret, blues, Rock & Roll

Winner…Brandon Diggs

Brandon’s winning essay (the applicants were also required to have exemplary grades and attendance and participation in school activities.

Why is music important to you and why is it important to Dilworth?

Music is important to me because it teaches me some important things in life like to believe in myself or to never give up. Music is also a way to communicate with others, plus it is great way to have fun. Music is kind of like life because if you can’t find the rhythm in life you wouldn’t get very far in life.

Another reason why music is important to me is that I get to hear and learn all types of music varieties like jazz, Blues and Rock and Roll. Music is important to Dilworth for speaking out to people. Some music can make someone mad and mean, respectful and benevolent, and some more calm and considerate.

At Dilworth, music is important to Dilworth because it can help to be responsible and prepared. Music can also build up confidence to help them with improvisation. Music also helps because Dilworth is challenging. Art school and music is a type of art and Dilworth challenges you to keep a steady beat or in other words a steady tempo.

Music can inspire people to do their best or to play and write music for themselves. Music can help you express yourself in front of anybody …that is why they dance like no one is watching. That’s the other thing about music. It will move without you even knowing. Another reason why music is important to Dilworth is that there is more to music than instruments and words. There are beats, counts, and a great diversity of genres and forms and Dalworth teaches you to read between the lines or to dig deeper. So now they teach us about form, voice, genres, tonality, sound, and even country and community. We learn though things so that we could all dig deeper and read between the lines.

Another reason why music is important because the teachers will help you figure out what instrument and what music the child would like to play. The thing is the teachers don’t mind and help you every day. Also, this is their chance to help you, and this is your chance to have and learn at the same time. Just saying, that is the definition of Dilworth. Music is even more important to me because it’s my last year here at Dilworth. So I’m trying to make the most of it.

To sum it all up for you, music is important to me and important to Dilworth because it’s something we love and something we enjoy. Also, music is fun to play. It helps build character and shows who you are and how you feel. Your emotions will show how you play and the way it sounds.

Well, those are the reasons why I think music is important to Dilworth and why it is important to me.

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